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Storm Drain Cleaning


This is what a dirty storm drain looks like. The debris can cause water to backup and flood the streets during a storm. If this is only one storm drain, imagine the garbage that flows into our waterways and ocean from all the storm drains!





This is the truck that is used to clean the storm drains. It is a Vactor 200. In this picture, water from the fire hydrant is filling the truck's tank. There are tanks located on both sides of the truck. Each tank can hold 1,500 gallons of water. The water is used to flush the drains.




The vacuum pipe is being setup to attach to the truck's intake hose.






Once the vacuum pipe has been attached to the truck's intake hose, it is lowered into the storm drain.







The storm drain is flushed from all angles with the water from the truck's tanks. The water helps the vacuum suck up the debris in the drain.


A label is placed above the drain to indicate that it has been cleaned. The label is also a reminder for us to help keep our City clean and to help prevent the pollution of our waterways and ocean.









This is what a clean storm drain looks like!

Remember, it is up to all of us to help keep our environment clean

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